Chicken Wire Funky!

I recently saw these at Contended Sparrow and was inspired to make my own...
It all started with a red lampshade that was just sitting in the closet. 
After ripping the fabric off, I used my wire cutters and pliers to attach the chicken wire then gave it a couple coats of white Krylon Dual spray paint

My plan was to keep it like this, but the more I stared at it, 
it started to scream,
"D o l l  m e  u p !"

So I hot glued some French gimp to the top and bottom 
{if I'd had more, I would've added it to the 4 sides as well...but unfortunately I cleaned Hancocks out!}
I made rosettes out of muslin, rhinestone buttons, and this broach...

...and added some peacock feathers.
I had it on a black lamp base, but like it on the turquoise better...

Thank you for checking out my chicken wire lampshade! I hope you like it!

Big Hugs 2 U,

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  1. I think that is so cute! Very funky! Maybe you can find one of those popular Edison bulbs for the lamp (since you see the bulb now) and show it off even more!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  2. Okay, I am in love with this. I recently ripped some fabric off a shade, and you have inspired me to take the wire shade to the next level. I'm going to pin and give you credit (of course)! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh that is the cutest lamp shade! I really love the added touch of fun the peacock feather adds!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am your newest follower.
    Have a great week.

  4. What a fun transformation! Love the rosettes. Adding you to my follow list.

  5. Very cute... I love adding brooches and old jewelry pieces to fabric and silk flowers... Lovely

  6. I LOVE your embellishments! Old jewelry pieces are just beautiful added to things. By the way, I just became your newest follower, yay!

  7. That has to be the cutest lamp shade I've seen in awhile. Very creative!
    Mary Alice

  8. That turned out adorable! I was planning on using chicken wire on a cabinet door. I may try that with the scrap I have left over. Thanks for sharing! Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  9. This is so cute! Love the feathers!

  10. Very cute and creative! The peacock feathers look awesome with the turquoise base. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you will come back soon!

  11. Thank you so much for finding me and following:) I love your blog! The chicken wire is incredible. Love me some chicken wire! Great idea! I am now following you and loooove it!

  12. God has been so good to send friends like you my way. Thanks again! I love forward to sharing more with you in blogland:)

  13. Thanks for inspiring me. I have a roll of chicken wire and I am still trying to figure out what I should do with it. Thanks for linking to Cowgirl Up.

  14. Cute lampshade this is the first time I've seen one out of wire and I love the blinged out rosettes!! Coming by from Always Dreaming and am now a Follower.

  15. Very pretty makeover.Love those roses on it too.

  16. You have such great taste! I love this project it looks so so so good. I'm your next follower from http://iheartpears.blogspot.com feel free to return the favor :)

  17. Holly this looks great! I'm a fellow lampshade maker and have no less than 30 lampshades that need to be covered. Maybe I will have to do some with chicken wire.
    Hey, I'm a new follower - figured it was the least I could do since we are co-hosting a party together!

  18. Thanks for linking up to the Tuesday To Do Party! Hope you'll come again this week! This month's Pretty Packages party is now up for any of your lovely wrapped gifts!

  19. can I ask how you attached the chicken wire to make it fit right

    1. You sure can! I just used a pair of jewelry pliars to wrap the wire around the frame. Thank you for inquiring! I hope yours turns out beautiful!

  20. I am trying to make something like this for a hair bow holder in my daughter's room. I got the fabric of the shade and it is incredibly sticky with glue. I soaked it in acetone, but I still can't get it all off. Did you have this problem?

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