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Hello, Bella Nest folks.  I'm Bliss from Bliss Ranch flying in for a spot in Holly's nest. Did you all look at that adorable face behind Bella Nest?  Holly is too cute for words, and she is also as sweet as pie.  So when she shyly asked me if maybe I might kinda sorta wanna do a guest post it was a no brainer for me- of course I do!  Besides I have a fondness for the name Holly.

I'm gonna give the Bella Nest readers something that hasn't been posted before on my own blog.  A little tour of my master bathroom.  If you want to see the toilet you can go here and read a post about what's on the back of all the toilets at Bliss Ranch.  It's a fun read and I have a nice toilet if I do say so myself.

Our bathroom is split into two areas; vanity-closet area, and tub, shower and twalet.  All the woodwork was hand made by my husband.  The only thing crazier would be if it was hand made by him from trees on our property.  Yup that too.  I have already told Bliss Ranch readers that the man has more talent than anyone has a right to possess.  Not only did he make the vanity and all the trim, he built the house, hung the mirror, installed the faucets...... well you get the idea, he does it all.  Some talent has rubbed off on me but honestly why pick up anything heavy when I have him to do that?

 This is the view I have as I get dressed.  Or if someone was in just the right spot I suppose they could have a view of me!  Soon those trees will be blooming and in the fall that view looks like a painting.

I have an accidental scissor collection.  Vintage ones we inherited along with the steri-tool holder when we bought an old building that housed a barber shop.

I trim my own hair, I've been doing that for 10 years.  Lets just say that isn't always a good idea.  There are some straight edge razors in there too, but I'm not lathering anyone's faces for a shave.

This old ammo crate is next to the tub.  I picked it up at the occasional sales my daughters and I hit every month.  I was thinking it would look great at my daughters house, but it ended up in my bathroom.  She can't have it now.

That same day at sales I got this very heavy metal ladder.  It has moved around my house a few times the last month.  For now it leans in my bathroom.  The soaps in the glass bowl are made by a company that peddles a bike as power making them - Just Soap.  I love the scents, cinnamon, cloves...  if you like you can check my post about them here.

Here is another shot of the woodwork in this room.  What you can't see are all my bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  One of my resolutions this year was to use up all the stuff I have, so I can't show you the shower because it looks like a shelf from the beauty isle at the store, only not neat and tidy.  I'm counting the days till I can toss some when they are gone.

Seriously it looks like Rapunzel showers here.

This antique cabinet is a new addition and yes those are Rapunzels hair care cords in the background.  I used to have a big jewelry cabinet in this spot to house all the bracelets my kids made me in school, with one drawer for their baby teeth.  Neither of those things helped me when I needed a towel, so the jewelry (or lack of) cabinet is now in the closet.  Notice on the floor, tucked under the cabinet, the perfect fit for the scale I never ever get on unless I want to ruin my day.  Out of sight out of mind.

I have bottles sitting around, but sure hate dusting them

This bathroom is bright and sunny and I have a view of two sides of the yard.  No shades on the windows either, no one can see in, at least I hope not!

Thank you Holly for having me.  Your followers are invited to stop over at Bliss Ranch anytime and say hi.  Everyone's welcome at the ranch.


  1. What a beautiful bathroom! I love the shower. Megan

  2. How much fun to see some more of your home! Thanks to Holly for inviting you!
    Love all the barbershop supplies! My husband trimmed my hair for years...I just started going to the salon in the past couple years....and I agree...it's not always pretty! LOL
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. WOW, bliss! your bathroom is so pretty! i really love it- all the accessories are so pretty. and with all those scissors i bet your nose hairs are perfectly manicured.

  4. Jeez Bliss! What a beautiful bathroom. Um, I don't think I would let anyone use it! And you know they wax nose hairs now right? :)

  5. Beautiful Bliss! All that decorative molding is gorgeous!!

  6. It's so bright and beautiful and I love all of the antique touches. That woodwork is amazing!

  7. Hi Bliss,

    You have a beautiful bathroom. The shower is fit for a Queen.


  8. Beautiful Bliss! Can I borrow your handy man!!! Awesome woodwork!

  9. Beautiful bathroom. Your husband is sure talented.

  10. Very nice Bliss! I would love to spend some time soaking in your bath!

  11. AWESOME! Even if we can't see the the whole thing, I sure love what I see Bliss. Loved the little ladder by the tub with the towels and vintage pics.

  12. Gorgeous room!! All of your new/old finds fit in so nicely. I especially love the scissors and the container holding them and would love some myself for my almost daily DIY hair trimming. :@

    Beautiful views from your windows, too.

  13. What a fabulous bathroom - love the vintage touches. The cabinet is fabulous, the scissor collection (don't mess with Bliss, she's got straight razors) is fun and that crate - I wouldn't let my daughter have it back either!!

  14. Very nice, Bliss! Can I borrow your hubby sometime?! Love everything...the ladder looks fabulous in here and I love that view!


  15. It's great to see more of Bliss's home - lovely post.

  16. I love how Bliss has staged all aspects of her bathroom but won't show us her shower, too funny! It is a beautiful room, so full of light.


  17. Beautiful bathroom.Very pretty and lots of light.

  18. Just lovely! The cabinet is my favorite!

  19. Great guest post. Beautiful bathroom and how lucky you are to have such a talented husband. I love the metal ladder and the newly acquired antique cabinet.

    Holly, I'm your newest follower. Give me a visit if you get a chance!

  20. What a wonderful bathroom, Bliss! Love all of your personal touches, and your husband did a fabulous job on the woodwork!

  21. Bliss, this is just wonderful! I love the interesting things that one doesn't expect to see in a bathroom, like an ammo box. And if we got our husbands together there just may be total world domination, with us as the brains behind the organization. And I'm now going to follow pretty Holly--thanks for introducing her to me!

  22. Bliss, this is beautiful! (& Gee your hair smells terrific!) ~L

  23. Such a lovely bathroom Bliss...I LOVE that ladder there...perfection!! This is my first visit to Holly's blog...think I'll peek around a bit :) Laurel

  24. Pretty bathroom, I loooove the brown, wooden cabinet. What was it originally? i also love the little bottles. I agree . . . they aren't fun to dust. And hairspray . . . well let's just pretend that stuff dosen't exist.

    Very nice. I don't think I'd let my family use it. Smile.
    Amy from Threadsinthenest.blogspot.com

  25. I love this bathroom almost as much as I love Bliss herself! Bliss - my dad is a barber and collects all the antique barbery stuff - this totally reminded me of him. Love all your details. Beautiful space!

  26. Bliss - that cabinet outside your bathroom is heavenly! Looks like I'm going to have to buy a storage building so I can find some cool scissors - and that holder thingy they are in is to die for...


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