Doll Up Your Bottles!

Hello, Lovies! It's been a terribly long time since I last blogged and I've definitely missed connecting with my precious friends and fellow bloggers. I still check in with you ladies to see your latest projects and am always impressed! Today I'd like to share a super duper simple project I did quite some time ago. 
If you know me, you know that I never turn down a shapely bottle. There's so many beautiful, romantic styles of decorating them that I just love, but these have more of a farmhouse feel. The twine ones are a little time consuming, but very fun to display pretty flowers and other what-nots...

Turn your plain bottles into chic accessories by wrapping them in twine or lace. 
The twine is held on to these bottles with hot glue and for the lace there was no sewing or gluing involved! The hem of an old lace curtain panel fit perfect over these bottles.
I'd normally add a tag of some sort or a burlap flower to add flare, but unfortunately, I sold these before I could get to it. My customer wanted them just like they were.

For this one, I started by wrapping a thick strip of burlap around the bottle and hot glued it in place. Then I added the top layer of twine, then the middle, and then to the bottom.

You get the picture. 
 Do you like bottles too? How do you like to doll them up?


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    1. Hello, Mrs. Bliss! I have missed you!!! You're still creating fabulous things (& they keep getting better) How do you do it?!!!


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