Not Too Shabby Chalkboard

Good morning, Lovelies! I'm so happy you're here today! 
This is a chalkboard I made from a plain black frame...

Here's how it's done:
1. Spray paint your frame and  use sandpaper to shabby it up.
2. Make rosettes from different color burlap and lace.
3. Use funky embellishments for the centers (I used shells, starfish and sand dollar buttons) and hot glue the rosettes to the frame.
 4. Paint the glass with chalkboard paint (I used Americana)

And you're all done!
Can you tell I'm so ready for some beach time? 
It's been such beautiful weather here and the sand and sea are calling my name! 

Thank you again for stopping by! Have a wonderful, sunny week!

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  1. Holly, can I just tell you I love coming over to your blog. The music makes me smile, your posts are always so warm and pretty to the eye. Get those toes in some sand soon lady! :) Love your Chalkboard, great job!

    1. Jen, you are such a sweetie pie! You just made my day so special. =) Your blog is super fun and that potato soup looks amazing! I'd love for you to consider being a guest blogger for me sometime... let me know if you might like to. =0)

  2. Looks cute Holly! I am really loving chalkboards right now! And I like your new header, too... the birds are really sweet.

  3. Hhhooolllyyy... niceeee chalkboarddddd, especialllllyyyy, the flooowwwerrrrsss, brrrrring Blliisssss withhhh toooo the beeeaacchhh.


  4. Oh I love a great chalkboard and this is a CUTE one :)
    Thanks for stopping by FFL :)


  5. Very cute! I usually use spray chalk paint on glass. I will have to check out Americana. I've had a hard time finding a chalk board paint that will work on glass, besides the spray kind.


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