Egg Cabinet Made Chic

Hello, Lovelies! The hubby and I found this little cabinet for $2.99 at good ole' GW last weekend...

Can you guess what it is? For a city girl, this one took me by surprise.

It's an EGG CABINET! Who knew?! It was filled with lots of plastic eggs and an egg timer in the drawer (I kid you not). 

Whoever had painted this little thing, did a great job, with a tractor and other farm related pictures all around.

But I had an idea in mind for it, so I removed the little wooden knobs and chicken wire and primed...

Covered the front with some pretty, floral paper a friend gave me, painted the chicken wire, & added new knobs...

Then I covered the inside of the drawer with paper...

But what was I going to do about those holes on the inside?

Mod Podge the top shelf with pretty card stock and leave the bottom holes for nail polishes, of course!

It now sits on my vanity and holds my little pretties! 

So chic and feminine, just how I like it!

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  1. How cute! I have never heard of an egg cabinet before.

    1. Thank you, Nikki! I'd never heard of one either... Learn something new everyday!

  2. I've never heard of an egg cabinet, either. It sure looks cute now, though!

  3. What a darling little cabinet and thank you for sharing it at my party...it's so good to have you here:)


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