Some Easy Wednesday Projects

I've had a vintage Singer sewing machine for over 12 yrs. now (since my hubby & I got married...whoa! where has time gone?!).  And because I have yet to replace the pedal that was lost years before, I've never learned to use it! So I've settled for Liquid Stitch instead. I absolutely love me some L.S.! These materials came from Hobby Lobby and with their fabric & ribbon usually on sale, these projects were really cheap.

You'll need a frame, fabric, Liquid Stitch, pencil and a hot glue gun
Turn the fabric upside down and trace around your frame with the pencil. I left about a 1/2" all the way around and used the liquid stitch to glue it down.  I cut a little slit in the middle of the fabric and cut out the picture opening where I'd traced. 
Cut diagonal slits on all 4 corners. Fold these back and hot glue them to the back of your frame.
Then pull the edges and hot glue them down. To finish it off, I hot glued a pretty, rose & lace border around the picture opening. 
It's hard to see the border here, but with the lace I had left over, I bought 2 inexpensive lampshades and added some pretty to them. =)

For this super easy project, you'll need: fabric, frame (& as always the funkier the better), 
and a wooden letter
Trace along the middle of the frame on the backside of your fabric and cut about an inch extra 
all the way around. Pull the fabric tight around the edges and hot glue. 
Take your letter and hot glue it to where you want it.
And there you have it!

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  1. Ha! Ha! How funny! So glad to have found you!! REALLY cute project!

  2. The "M" frame is awesome!! I've never used or even heard of Liquid Stitch! I think I'd find actually sewing much easier. lol


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