What's in the bag, Ma'am?

Saturday was like a dream for me. In every direction I turned there was a yard sale sign glaring in my face! This is what us Thrifty Thriftersons look forward to all year. A chance to meet up with other T.T.'s and chat about how cold (or, in my case, how hot of a winter we had.) It was like hibernation was over, so once the sun began to creep out and I'd heard my Mom's words repeatedly in my head one too many times, "Holly, the early bird always gets the worm" I showered quickly, brushed my teeth, applied very little make up, jumped in the car to some let's get pumped to bargain music and I was off to the sales! WOO HOO!  This is way too fun for me. Maybe a little too much.

My first stop was a neighborhood yard sale and I did what I do best... drive by shop. Are you familiar with this?  I'm NOT looking for any more nick nacks. NO THANK YOU! NOT INTERESTED! I need furniture. Not another coffee table or end table. I'm looking for dressers, chairs, and dining tables. I don't have a baby... yes your baby clothes are adorable, really, and your table full of stained stuffed animals priced $1 are precious, but that's not why I'm here. I'm sure there were people that rolled their eyes at me as I drove on by and ignored their beloved crap, but hey, if you don't want it don't expect me to!!! 

The first and only yard in this hood I pulled up to had a dresser and other furniture, but nothing quite what I was looking for. I ventured into the garage where it was so crowded I had to scoot around people and look between shoulders to see and ended up in the very back corner where I spotted a garbage bag tied up. Honestly, I'm not sure why I even approached it. Looking back on it, it is kinda weird. It had to have been some serious curiosity that made me grab the bag that could've been trash from last night's supper, for all I know. 

I saw some gold and white tray looking things and legs underneath. Without taking anything out, I walk up to the ladies talking and pipe in, "Ummm... excuse me, is this trash in this trash bag?" NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY answers. I'm already feeling a little awkward at this point, but I ask again. One of the ladies yell to another one all the way across the yard. "Louise, is that there bag going in the trash?" 
(said in a country accent)

Louise let's me know IT'S FOR SALE! She pulls a few pieces out and I start to see what they are. They're nesting tables. She says she'll take $2 for them.  Don't think they're anything special, but for $2, why not? My wheels are spinning... I can paint these white and sale them. 

I get home after a long day out and about and forget they're even in the car, but today I remembered and put them together. 

Come to find out, they're vintage Italian Florentine nesting tables and according to Ebay, they are selling for up to $325! My first ever big score in my yard saling history!
Have you scored anything of value lately and were totally clueless like I was?
If so, what was it? 


  1. Two things.

    1. Those tables are amazing and I'm terribly jealous
    2. I love "I drove on by and ignored their beloved crap"

  2. I was about to say, "Don't you dare paint!" when I read that you had discovered what you truly had. I'm crazy about the Italian florentine stuff! It's great! Love the way you tell a story!

  3. Wait, you said 2$, not 20, or 200... 2 right? Holy Smokes Girl...what a STEAL!!!!!! I am still in awe over here, wow. Wow!!!!!!!

  4. You've got to be kidding me! Serious SCORE!


  5. I LOVE garage sales! That's what we did on Saturday and it was so fun!

  6. Holy Moly Holly! When was the last time I had a score like that? Well NEVER! Congrats to you! Funny, I do the same thing - I put stuff in my car and then forget completely about it.

  7. Holly,
    YOU GO GIRL whooohoooo.Good deal.That is so funny that they had no idea of the value.Honestly I would not have known those were that expensive.But surely worth more than 2.00.See one woman's trash IS another women's treasure.

  8. Wow!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!!!

  9. I found a little Florentine Cabinet at a sale a while back, I put it in our booth and it sold in less than a week. Great Find!

  10. Wow! I have never scored that great a deal! Good score indeed.

  11. Cha-Ching! Nice job! The best I ever did was at an "old & new" shop in Maryland last year. The woman had no idea what she had and sold me a Staffordshire Calico pitcher and bowl for $25. It's worth about $350. Good for you, Holly! Stopping by from Coastal Charm. Have an awesome week! ~Mary

  12. So now inquiring minds what to know.... are you selling them or keeping them to paint?


    1. Hi, Bliss! I'm definitely selling them! As pretty as they are, they don't quite fit in with my decor. They're getting listed today!

  13. I've scored, but never like you. So if I were you head to every garage sale and be clueless, that's when you find a score. I don't know if I could sell your Italian Florentine nesting table, so beautiful. So I am also curious, will you keep or sell. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!

  14. What a great score! Congratulations on the instinct to check out the trash bag. We have a certain kind of yard sale here a friend characterized as "Polyester clothes hung on a chain-length fence and lots of plastic toys", nothing we want to stop for either.

  15. what a fantastic find!
    I love hearing stories like this,
    thanks for visiting me!

  16. Wow! great story. I haven't had any scores like that...maybe one day.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  17. Lovely, just as they are! What a great find. :)


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