Speckled Eggs

Hi, Sunshines!
Last month I was at my favorite store TJ Maxx...

 -on a side note, can anyone relate to my excitement when I walk in and see a new shipment of home accessories or am I just strange like that?!-

So back to my story, I bought a pack of 12 speckled eggs for around $6.
The same week I found this wire bird basket at gw...

Here's my version of these I made with paper mache eggs and acrylic paint.

{Lightly dab your brush into some light brown paint and knock off any excess before blotching the eggs.}

For the same cost, I was able to make double the eggs I bought from the store.

Thank you for stopping in for a visit!


  1. You can leave those out all year.


  2. Holly,
    Love those eggs in the jar.Color is perfect.

  3. Awesome GW find!!! Perfect with the eggs.

  4. that reminds me, I'd better dig mine out


  5. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and even the GW...deadly I tell ya!

  6. I like yours better anyway! So cute. I wanted to come say hi and thank you for your sweet comment at Burlap and Buttons... I'm so glad your comment led me back to your adorable blog. Happy to be following along! HOpe you have a fabulous week!

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