Funky Pumpkin Topiary

Hello & welcome to a brand new week! I have to say it came so quick this time that it left my head spinning! I'm so excited to share one of my weekend projects with you today. My son Caleb & I took a trip to the pumpkin market on Friday (it's actually just a fruit stand, but the word market just sounds so nice, doesn't it?!) I was inspired by all the pretty colors and shapes of pumpkins, squash, & gourdes we saw, to make something for my dining room table...
 Here's what I came up with:

Here's the supplies I used for the topiary: 
 pumpkins, flower pots, wooden skewers, twine, hot glue
For the embellishments:
 craft mirrors, tacks, old t-shirt, burlap, decorative pins, needle & thread
I laid the biggest pumpkin on top of the flower pot then the next one in size on top of it. I attached the smallest of the fruits by hot gluing 4 wooden skewers together & wrapping them with twine. I'm sure there's many other things you could use to hold the pumpkins together, but this is what I had available. 
This version is very simple, but it wasn't my original idea... yes, my first (& favorite) attempt failed in standing up right. Here, I painted candle sticks and used them to join the pumpkins...
Wasn't it cute? 
And to bling up the pumpkins, I used my craft mirrors left over from my recent sunburst mirror re-do (which I will share later this week) & made rosettes from old t-shirts & burlap.
 Here's a quick picture tutorial on how to make those:
@ Step 2, sew the pointy corner together to give the petal some fluff & then sew the 2 petals together. To make the center, cut a thin strip from your old t-shirt and give it a little tug so it will curl up on the sides. Roll  pretty tight. I add a little hot glue here & there until I get it the size I need. 
 Add the rosettes with pretty push pins. 
There's so many things you could use to decorate your pumpkins, but my favorite was the monogram I did with the tacks. Trace out your letter b4 you begin to poke the tacks through.
Have fun with this craft! Please share your topiary ideas. I'd love to see or hear about them! 
Oh & Happy Fall, Y'all!!! 

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