Drab2Fab Friday: Our Thrifty Nest of 7

Hi everyone...
I'm so EXCITED to be here and a great big THANK YOU to Holly for having me over!
I'm Kris from...Our Thrifty Nest of 7.

And these are my beautiful blessings...
Yep, all five of them. :)

We just welcomed our 5th child and 4th son December 14.
He's been such a joy and I just recently finished his nursery.

The nursery is actually a room we made by dividing up one room.  We decided to make a small nursery and the other side became a pantry off from our kitchen.

This little dresser was my first project in making a nursery.  I purchased it back in 2009, and I've used it for several different purposes around the house.  It was painted a tan color, nothing fancy.

It's a great size for the little nursery we just built.
I decided to spray paint it, Peek a boo blue by Krylon.
Doesn't that just sound cute?

I love the wheels and detail on the top.
The dresser itself cost me about $20, and really makes the nursery.

I didn't want a "theme" in the nursery.  With this being our 4th boy...well I had done themes before. :)
We've done the airplanes, the jungle animals, and of course football.

I just wanted this nursery to be soft, neutral, and sweet.
We also didn't have too much to spend on it. ;)
I painted the nursery Sherwin Williams, Worldly Gray.  LOVE IT!!
 It's a perfect soft neutral color, and it's just beautiful.

(I apologize for the pics, my "good" camera wouldn't upload pics, so I used the old one. Not a photographer, can you tell?)
The pictures above the crib and dresser I bought cheap frames for at Walmart, and spray painted them a gloss white.
The pictures I printed on our home printer, and found them from a free site...thehandmadehome.net
I love the colors.
Cute and simple...

One wall in the nursery is completely bead board.
This is the dividing wall between the nursery and pantry.  Instead of finishing the drywall, my husband hung the beaded board instead.
It gives such personality.

The cute "Asher" sign is my favorite thing.
I just purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby along with craft paint.
I already had the twine and clothes pins. :)

CUTE! Simple! Easy! Thrifty!  haha
I made the curtain.
 Just some simple hems and tied up with turquoise ribbon.
The fabric I purchased at Hobby Lobby, and LOVE, LOVE these colors.

It looks fabulous next to the Worldly Gray paint color.
I didn't choose a bedding set.  I felt no need to with not wanting a theme and wanting to keep it simple.
I've had bedding sets with all my other children.
After getting everything put together in here, I don't think it needs one really either.

The crib is a hand-me-down from my brother.  Our daughter is still in her crib, so this was such a blessing to receive.
This nursery has been so much fun to do...

I think it really goes to show that sometimes less is more. :)

Thanks for joining me, and thank you again to Holly for having me over.



  1. Such a soft and sweet nursery! I love Our Thrifty Nest of Seven rooms!

    Great job and great blog to have on Drab to Fab!

    @ Creatively Living

  2. Well as a mom of 6, of course the first thing I notice is a big cute family! Now Kris when you add another daughter you and me will talk about nests of 8!


  3. Great job on the nursery! I am in the process of updating my jv squads' room since one of our 5 has come back to the nest for the time being! It's not quite finished but I can't wait to share it with everyone once it is!

    I host a linky party on Sunday's at www.sassypantsstudio.blogspot.com and I would love for you to link up!

    You are truly blessed - Jen

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I have to say I LOVE your picture, it makes me laugh every time!!!

  4. Thank you ladies. :))

    Thanks again, Holly! :)


  5. Oh so cute! Love the soft colors!
    One question I had was the rug- can you tell me where it is from?

  6. Thanks! I purchased the rug off ebay about 6 yrs. ago. When my older three were little it was in their playroom. I've just kept it and moved it several times. It was brand new when I purchased it, and was from some kind of rug ebay type store. I know that doesn't help, sorry.:(


Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I can't wait to read it! :0)