Little Snow Birdy

Here's a super easy and adorable craft to fluff your nest...
To make this, you need
1. glass container
2. Epsom salt for the snow
3. nest
4. birdy
5. floral picks 
6. small ornaments for the eggs
I spray painted my nest white and hot glued the birdy on to it. I stuck the picks down into the salt.
Isn't it cute? I LOVE birds! There's some in every room of my house! What birdy craft have you made lately? 

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  1. Hi Holly,

    You commented on our entry and left your address so we thought we would drop by. Your bird nests are PRECIOUS! I am thinking about using the salt as snow idea myself. I didn't get anything in particular in mind for this Xmas, but maybe for next year?

    Also, I am going to start following you. It'd be great if you could reciprocate. It's great to get to know ppl in blogland.

    Happy Holiday!

  2. lovely ! birds are the best I love birds everywhere. I am a nature LOVE -er happy holidays !!!
    - KAT -

  3. This is beautiful! I would love to you to link up to our party going on now! http://herestohandyandy.blogspot.com/2011/12/co-hosting-my-first-link-party.html#more

  4. That is so super cute. I found you over at Debbie's party. I am your latest follower. I love this little craft. I love anything with birds. Hope you will stop by.

  5. love it! :) I'll be sharing it on the Brassy Apple FB page! thanks for linking up to Mom it monday!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comment on my Christmas decor. I am now following you as well :)


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