Drab2Fab: Four Marrs and One Venus

Good Morning Bella Nest Readers!
I am beyond excited to be here today to hang with you all!
Holly is just the Sweetest Lady in Blog land that I have met ..thank you lady for having me!

So a quick run down of who I am:

The Name is Jen
California girl, married my High School Sweetie 13 years ago in a Las Vegas Drive-Thru Wedding Window. No joke- it was Awesome! We have three boys ages 13, 9 & 5! We love our Baseball in this house, and I am a proud button wearing mom who cheers loud and spits seeds! I love change, flow, color, and organization! Cooking has become a new hobby of mine, along with crafts and sewing ohh-la-la! 

I started my little blog 4 months ago and have really enjoyed meeting other bloggers! Also it is amazing how much insight, inspiration and talent is out there! I eat it all up!

My blog is full of 3 Cute Boys...and One Stud
{oh, and crafts, cooking, you know all that good stuff}

So now that we are practically Best Friends....right?
I wanted to share with you a fun little project I put together.

You see, I have been wanting to put together A Family Gallery Wall 

I love the way they look, and Love arranging "special" items that mean so much to me.

Here We go!

Find "The Wall"
Gather all your items/photos
Start with the middle
And Build around it!

And you create...

Starting from the Top..then left to right.
1. MARRS Est.1998 {yep I made that}
2. Photo of Bryan and I
3. Photo of Derek {5}
4. My grandma's wall sconce that she passed onto me and my oldest son Aaron's Artwork
5. My side of the family, Mom/dad, g-mas/papas
6. Photo of Mason {9} Aaron{13}
7. A VERY Old family photo!{yes it's on my list to get a new one taken}
8. My grandma's wall sconce w/ Mason's Artwork
9. My husbands side of the family, Mom/dad, g-mas/papas
10. M monogram for Marrs that I made

Can I just tell you that I LOVE my New Family Gallery Wall!? It makes me smile every single time I look at it! 

Thanks again Holly for having me today!
Oh and feel free to come over anytime....no knocking required, just let yourself on in!
 Next week on my blog I will be showing you how to create your own:
EST. 1998

See you soon!

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  1. Yea Jenn! Great tutorial!

    You rock!


    1. Thank you Katie! You are always so super sweet to me!! xo!

  2. Jen...I am in love with the gallery wall...something on my list of to do's! Great job girly!


    1. There is my GIRL! Jess- thank you!! Yes, it was fun to put it together! I enjoyed it!! Thanks for your support always!

  3. Very cute gallery wall! I am hopping on over to your blog now. I'm also about 4 months into this "blogging thing"

    1. Elyse, thank you so much! Yeah on newbie bloggers!! :) Love your place lady! Thanks for the really nice comment!

  4. you are too cute!!! Can't wait for the sign tutorial!

    1. Jess you are the best! But you really should already know that! ;) Love ya girl!!

  5. Jen - another FAB project :) Great job girl!

    1. Thanks Jessie! So fun!! You are rocking over there too- great job!!

  6. Wow! I mean wow! What a special wall you put together! Precious memories in each piece! Can't wait for the tute next week. Son's getting married in Nov. and an EST. sign would be one nice gift! Hope you are having a great weekend sweetie...oh and...Go Rockies lol!

    1. haha! Kathe you just made me laugh! You are so fun! :) Yes make a fun nice little sign for the wedding gift- super cute and pretty easy! Thank you always for your comments and support lady- you are always there for me! Love ya!

  7. Wow!! Jen, awesome tute! You have an amazing eye - spacing everything so nice and a great balance to the whole thing! Cute family you have - I can see why you smile everytime you walk by your gallery wall! Thanks for sharing and can't wait for the sign tute! Heather :)

    1. Thank you so much Heather! Your comment is super sweet, thanks for making my day girl!!

  8. Good looking gallery wall. I love the personal touches...I love using sentimental things in home decor.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

    1. Hi Sharon, thank you very very much for your nice comment! I agree and love the little fun personal touches- makes it mean just a little bit more! :) Thanks again!


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