Drab2Fab Friday: SummitStreetJoy

Hello Bella Nest readers!  I am so very excited to be guest posting here today.  Thanks so much to Holly for the invite! :)

I'm Lauren and I blog over at SummitStreetJoy, where you'll find lots of thrifting and budget decorating ideas as I share our journey from house to home.  I'm not gonna lie--- I love me some pretty decor, but ultimately, I believe a happy home is a matter of joy-filled hearts, and that's what I love to write about. I hope you'll stop in for a visit!

I also am a self-taught graphic designer; I love creating pretty subway art prints and nursery decor, designing logos, blogs, and all that goodness :)

You can find my digital subway art verses and print at The Summit Street Shop on etsy.  Ok, now enough about me, let's get on to the good stuff!

For today's DrabToFab, I'm sharing a fun table transformation with you.

I scored this little coffee table for a whopping $5 from a favorite local thrift store.

{Notice the baby wipes in the background? I have three kids & we're a mess-- gotta keep it real!}

Honestly, I rather liked it how it came originally, all scuffed up and shabby-ish.

But for $5 I couldn't pass up the project potential.

Here's how I took a drab little thrift store table to a fab chevron top table.

I started with a coat of bright white paint all over.

Next, I cut a triangle out of cardboard as my template.  In even increments of 2", I started at the top of the table and moved down, tracing the triangle shape.  

{Sorry for the bad photo, but you kind of get the idea in this photo}

I definitely messed up a few times here, but overall, I think it worked out alright.

After I had the pattern all drawn on the table, I went back with a small brush, painting every other zig-zag stripe a bright teal.  For sure I would have gotten a more perfect result if I taped off the lines, but I chose not to do that this time, mainly in the interest of time.   And I don't mind the imperfections so much these days; completion is key!

So, there ya have it, my drab to fab chevron top table transformation.

Thanks so much to Holly for hosting me today!

I hope you'll stop by SummitSt and check in on my thrifty finds, room reveals, and freebie printables. Oh, and every Friday I post my Fave{5} on Friday, so check that out too! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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  1. Ok it has been too long since I dropped by - love today's guest blog. Of course I am in love with anything chevron - I mean who isn't, right?!?!?! Drab2fab is one of my fav weekly posts. Miss stopping by Holly - it won't be this long next time =)


Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I can't wait to read it! :0)