Hand Made Heart Day Card Pinspirations

Hot Wheels
Pop Rocks and Peeps
Tootsie Pop {Happy Valentine's, toots}
Lucky Charms
Chewy Candy

You could also use 
 banana:  "I go bananas for you"
strawberries: "I like you berry much"
peanuts: "I'm nuts about you"
apples: "You're the apple of my eye"
cracker jacks: "Valentine, you crack me up"
Orbit gum: "Valentine, you're out of this world"
Mr. Goodbar: "Valentine, you're so good to me"
Symphony bar: "Valentine, you're music to my ears"
Reeses: "I go to pieces for you"
goldfish crackers: "Will you o"fish"ally be mine?"
Funyuns: "You're so much fun"
Crayons: "You color my world"
Teddy Grahams: "I like you beary much"
Kit Kat: "You're the Kat's meow"
kid's scissors: "You're a cut above the rest"

Source:diy crafts


  1. The sayings are all great Valentines greetings.

  2. Happy to follow you back, Holly. I love all your Valentine's Day inspiration. Have a wonderful week!!
    God bless,


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