i heart jars.

I'm so excited about these, 
I've got to jump right to it! 
Here's my sweetest, most awesome,
 thrifty find of the weekend...

The sunflowers were from Eric.
 It was perfect... he gave me 3 pretty flowers
 for my 3 pretty jars.  
They look so bright and cheery 
on my newly painted coffee table! 
I'll share that with you another time. ;)


  1. Love the blue mason jars! I just used a bunch of them on my mother's mantle. So pretty with that hint of color. I awarded you The Liebster Award today! Check it out at http://dimplesandtangles.blogspot.com/2011/11/liebster-award-my-favorite-up-and.html

  2. So pretty! I love old canning jars, too. Being from Canada, most of mine are the Crown band.


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